Havas Lemz is now part of the B Corp Community

We’re proud to announce we’re an official B Corp! This certification shows that we practice what we preach, and that we are serious about using “creativity as a force for good”. More than ever our goal is to help companies and brands find a better balance between people, planet and profit. Because we believe better brands will change the world. One idea at a time.

Havas Lemz is now part of the B Corp Community


The next 10 years are crucial to make a difference for our climate and our children’s future. That is why, on June 5, the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration kicks off. Because Justdiggit is one of their frontrunners, we reinvigorated the brand with a new identity, based on their can-do attitude, a new online platform and a global DIG IN campaign, inviting everyone to contribute in their own way. By sharing the story, inspiring followers, enabling free media space, funding projects, using their talent. DIG IN!

On a mission to re-green Africa in the coming 10 years


22% of Dutch and Belgians feel they waited too long before getting their first pair of glasses or contact lenses. It turns out that people find it challenging to recognise that their vision is deteriorating and are reluctant to wear glasses or lenses. To face that problem and lower the threshold, we developed a new service called Pearle ‘Goed Zicht Gesprek’ (Good Sight Conversation). Besides talking about the actual sight problem, we paid much attention to peoples wishes and lifestyle. In such a way, we strive to find the optimal solution for everyone.

Together with Havas Brussel, we introduced ‘Goed Zicht Gesprek’ among consumers and, of course, the employees of the 569 Pearle stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. The campaign features Puck. To her, it’s evident that her father lost his sharp eye. She comes up with a creative way to show him he needs glasses. And when he’s ready, so is Pearle (Dutch).

Open up about our eyesight



More than a million people work in healthcare. They do this to be there for others. And that is precisely what is under enormous pressure. To tackle this, we teamed up with Mediq, the largest provider of healthcare products in the Netherlands. It’s Mediq’s ambition to make people feel less like patients and more like people. This starts from empathy and opening up to others, by asking questions. And that is exactly what we are doing with the ‘More Human’ Podcast series. Thanks to the talent of Audio Collective Schik, a brand new series (In Dutch) is now live on Spotify and in your favourite podcast app.

Make people feel less like patients and more human


Jamgarden Amsterdam – Timberland

Jamgarden Amsterdam is a city garden made by and for the local community in Reigersbos, offering talented creatives a springboard for a better and greener future. They can now come together, share ideas, and host events – from gardening workshops and poetry slams to live jam sessions.

For this lovely urban greening project, we brought together Timberland and Kazerne to drive creativity, diversity, and entrepreneurship in Amsterdam Southeast.

A city garden by and for the Reigersbos community


As a new form of online child abuse spread around the world, governments seemed not to know how to stop it. So we helped the international children’s aid organization Terre des Hommes develop a creative solution that police everywhere could adopt to end this terrible phenomenon. And the results were astonishing.

How can we stop Webcam Child Sex Tourism?


Entrepreneurs prefer not to talk about financial problems. As a result, they seek help too late and their problems become even bigger. To break this cycle and let entrepreneurs know they are not alone, we developed the KVK Comeback line: a helpline where entrepreneurs can seek advice and support anonymously 24/7.

How can KVK play a significant role in supporting business owners?