Love, peace,
and storage

IKEA Emoticons

IKEA introduces a solution to an age-old problem—something we call “clutter blindness.” It’s the uniquely human characteristic of seeing other peoples’ clutter while not at all noticing our own. This affliction has led to a lot of miscommunication between loved ones throughout history. Recent research by IKEA shows that it causes tension and fights in 33% of households worldwide.

That’s why IKEA introduces Emoticons, an app featuring a new series of emoticons that bring positivity and fun to daily quibbles about clutter, effectively bringing love, peace, and storage to homes all over the world.

Can storage solutions put an end to centuries of domestic disputes?
Attention makes
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IKEA is a popular brand in The Netherlands, and it inspires a lot of customers to keep coming back. But there’s also a group of people who think that the quality of their products is not high enough, and that variety of styles is limited. IKEA has so much more value to offer than some people realize. A repositioning campaign tells the real stories behind the products, and shows how much effort and attention IKEA puts into creating a better everyday life at home.

How to improve the perception of IKEA?
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Think in Solutions – IKEA

Needless to say, life during an economic crisis isn’t easy. People felt that their options were limited, so IKEA took the lead in showing that the possibilities are endless if we think in solutions.

It’s time to think in solutions